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The Power of Fruits

Orchard fruits offer many active ingredients and plant extracts derived from the pulp, seeds and skin. Exceptionally rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, AHAs and pectins, they have a real effect on the beauty of the skin. This effectiveness is now recognized and proven by POMARIUM.

The Apple

Unique anti-aging powers
Thanks to the knowledge of its multidisciplinary scientific panel, POMARIUM has made essential discoveries and gone on to formulate exclusive products.

The apple is POMARIUM's star ingredient, rich in nutrients and benefits that have been known since ancient times. But its real richness resides in its high polyphenol content.

With their excellent antioxidant powers, apple polyphenols provide a veritable anti-aging shield for the skin and help it to fight the effects of time.


A Pomarium innovation

By drawing on its many discoveries, POMARIUM is able to use every constituent of the fruit to its full potential and can thus harness all the benefits of the apple.

When applied to the skin, apple-derived active ingredients reveal many different properties:
Apple Polyphenols
/ Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract: anti-aging and antioxidant action, smoothing effect  
Apple Seed Oil
/ Pyrus Malus Seed Oil: nourishing and moisturizing* action
Apple Water
/ Pyrus Malus Fruit Water: stimulates the natural exfoliation of the skin
Apple Fibers
/ Pyrus Malus Fibers: scrubbing particles
Apple Pectins
/ Pyrus Malus Pectin Extract: humectant and natural thickening properties

Apple Skin: natural pigments

* Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

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