Accueil Ingredients An Eternal Source of Inspiration
An Eternal Source of Inspiration

The orchard offers a source of natural benefits, pleasure and intense olfactory emotions. It is a miracle of biodiversity. POMARIUM has chosen to reveal its very essence through a collection of natural and organic skincare products.

Esprit de Pomme
A unique approach to anti-aging, based on the apple.

Esprit de Pomme is an exceptional range and the first developed using active ingredients and other ingredients derived from the apple. To extract the very quintessence of this fruit, known since ancient times for both its nutritional and cosmetic properties, POMARIUM selected several varieties, such as the cider apple from Normandy, for their exceptionally rich content of polyphenols and active ingredients.

The spirit: A 100% natural, mouth-watering scent. Innovative textures that sink in immediately, delivering all their benefits to the heart of the skin. A resolutely natural approach to anti-aging.

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